Megatrend: The Demographic Inversion

Megatrends are inexorable, at least for some decades, and drive major changes in our world. They may change our planet permanently, they change the flow of money within our society, they drive people to move where they live, they kill some people and cause others to be born, they change the fortunes of individuals, and … Continue reading Megatrend: The Demographic Inversion

What Is It Like to Be a Robot?

This is the first post in an intended series on what is the current state of Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and what we can expect in the relative short term. I will be at odds with the more outlandish claims that are circulating in the press, and amongst what I consider an alarmist group that includes … Continue reading What Is It Like to Be a Robot?

Unexpected Consequences of Self Driving Cars

Many new technologies have unexpected impacts on the physical or social world in which we live. When the first IMPs for the fledgling ARPANET were being built starting in 1969 at BBN in Cambridge, MA, I think it safe to say that no one foresaw the devastating impact that the networking technology being developed would … Continue reading Unexpected Consequences of Self Driving Cars