Patrick Winston Explains Deep Learning

Patrick Winston is one of the greatest teachers at M.I.T., and for 27 years was Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (which later became part of CSAIL). Patrick teaches 6.034, the undergraduate introduction to AI at M.I.T. and a recent set of his lectures is available as videos. I want to point people to lectures 12a and … Continue reading Patrick Winston Explains Deep Learning

Robot Is A Hijacked Word

The word “robot” has been hijacked. Twice. (Or thrice, if we want to be pedantic, but I won’t be.) THE ORIGINAL SPIN The word “robot” was introduced into the English language by the play R.U.R., written in Czech by Karel Capek, and first performed in Prague on January 25, 1921. R.U.R. stands for Rossumovi Univerzálni … Continue reading Robot Is A Hijacked Word

Megatrend: The Demographic Inversion

Megatrends are inexorable, at least for some decades, and drive major changes in our world. They may change our planet permanently, they change the flow of money within our society, they drive people to move where they live, they kill some people and cause others to be born, they change the fortunes of individuals, and … Continue reading Megatrend: The Demographic Inversion